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project overview

The Idylwood - Tysons 230kV Underground Electric Transmission Line Project was approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission in September 2018. The final route consists of an underground build that allows us to accommodate the needs of the community and meet growing energy demands in Fairfax County.

Existing dominion line #124

Existing Line


Dominion Energy has an existing right of way corridor containing a 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line that runs from our Gainesville Substation north to our Loudoun Substation. This line will be converted to operate at 230 kV and will not require construction work in this portion of the right of way.

Construction Methods

Open Trench

Open Trench

Open Trenching involves excavating along a pre-determined path so transmission cable can be safely installed underground.


Directional Drilling

Horizontal Direction Drilling allows for the installation of transmission cable underground in minimally-accessible areas, such as under highways and waterways.


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