Project Overview

Burrillville Interconnection Project

The Burrillville Interconnection Project is a proposed 6.8-mile 345kV transmission line that would bring electricity from the Clear River Energy Center into the electric grid at National Grid’s switching station so it can provide power to homes and businesses. The Burrillville Interconnection Project will be built only if the Clear River Energy Center is approved. There will be no clearing in the right-of-way until both projects are approved.

The proposed line is in Burrillville Rhode Island and is comprised of three segments. Segment 1 originates at the proposed CREC generating plant and runs on a new right-of-way (ROW) to the existing National Grid ROW. The second segment is the existing 300 foot wide National Grid ROW that extends northeasterly from Segment 1 towards Clear River for another 1.6 miles. The third and final segment is the approximately 4.4 mile section of the National Grid ROW between the Clear River and the Sherman Road Switching Station. The ROW along this segment is 500 feet wide.

Electric transmission lines move large amounts of power from where it is generated to where it can be distributed to consumers. To do this, power plants must have access to the electric network. National Grid and other utilities are obligated by federal regulation to connect to electricity generation sources, such as the proposed Clear River Energy Center, into their electric networks.