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    Experts in the field of residential structural engineering. Our experience spansfrom deep snow of ski resort towns, to the shaking earthquakes of SouthernCalifornia and the hurricane prone regions of Florida. Whether your project issingle family, multi-family, or condominiums, when you work with Plan NorthEngineers, you are getting the right experience for your project. Have additionalquestions, or not sure if your projects fit into our profile? Give us a call or sendus an email.

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This is where the project starts in our office. Weather it be an email, phone call,text message, or a friendly conversation. The project starts when we hear fromyou. That is when we start asking and answering questions and gaining theconfidence of our clients.

Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff Meeting

One of the most critical parts of a successful project is making sure thateveryone knows what is expected and when it should be completed. The kickoffmeeting is meant to do just that. No matter how big or small a project is, allstakeholders should be aware that the project is moving forward and what theirrole in the project will be.

Regular Communication

Regular Commuinication

Things change and evolve during a project. Our goal at Plan North Engineers isto keep ahead of the project, and proactively maintain our role. This can meanweekly planning meetings for larger projects, or feasibility conversations onsmaller projects.

Milestone Meetings

Milestone Meetings

Milestones are setup at the beginning of the project to ensure ongoingattention to the project so that all aspects of the design are thoroughly plannedand calculated. The milestone meetings are also setup so that stakeholders thataren’t in the day to day are made aware of the evolution of the project andensure that all parties are in agreement with regard to the day to day decisionsthat come about during the regular communications.

Final Review

Final Review

One of the most critical steps in the project is coming together at the end. AtPlan North Engineers, this is where we review the project scope and verify thatwe have met and exceeded the expectations of our clients.



Our finished product. This is what gets us excited. Plan North Engineersproduces easy to read, complete, and well thought out plans detailing theprojects of our clients.

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