Project Overview

Greendale Substation

New England

Substation Security Enhancement Project

Substation Fence Replacement

National Grid will be replacing fencing and making perimeter enhancements at existing substation and transmission switching facilities within their New England Territory (MA, RI, NH & VT).

Scope may vary by location, but typical work activity will include:

  • Perimeter fence survey
  • Site evaluations by engineers, forestry, environmental, real estate and construction personnel.
  • Existing fence will be removed and replaced in kind with a 1" chain link mesh fence that is 8 feet tall and 1 foot of barbed wire (3 strands) to meet current specification standards.
  • Replace substation gate entrance (may vary by location)

  • For examples of these phases of construction, please visit our "What to Expect" page for images.

A courtesy notification was mailed to parcel owners and residents who are were determined to be an abutter to where the proposed construction activity will occur. Over 80 National Grid substation locations throughout New England have been identified for these security enhancement modifications and construction will occur for these sites between May 2019 and April 2020. Typical construction can vary from 3 to 4 weeks per site depending on the amount of perimeter fence that will be replaced at the substation. Expected hours of construction will be 7AM – 5PM, Monday through Saturday which includes daily set up and site clean up on National Grid property.



Typical example of existing substation fencing (1” or 2” chain link mesh, 6’ above ground, 1’ barbed wire)



Typical example new fencing standards once work is complete (1” mesh, 8’ above ground, 1’ barbed wire)